COMET Congress

The Scientific congress dedicated to Cosmetic Measurement & Testing

Understanding skin-nail-hair biological supports and their interactions with cosmetic products is a major challenge for the sector.
In a context of transition integrating an increasing use of natural compounds and an acceleration of new technologies, the testing and measurement sector is more than ever at the heart of research and innovation in our sector.

The methods developed must make it possible to anticipate biological degradation mechanisms as much as possible , to offer products with biological and sensory performance , while maintaining safety for humans and the environment as a priority. For each of these objectives, instrumentation is a key tool.

The COMET congress aims to bring together players in the sector, both academic and industrial, in order to share and disseminate the latest scientific and technological advances in the field.

Thus, the work covered by this call for papers can relate to fundamental research issues, while maintaining an application dimension to cosmetics.

This edition of COMET 2025 will provide an update on Research and Innovation news in the sector through these 8 themes:

  1.  Measurement instrumentation (physical and in virtual reality)
  2. Safety assessments
  3. Sensory, biological and clinical efficacy assessments
  4. Models for studying interactions between product, skin, hair and nails (in vitro / ex vivo / skin-on-a-chip / in vivo)
  5. Use of digital tech (Big Data, AI, In Silico)
  6. Omics Technologies
  7. Models and tools for understanding the exposome
  8. Ecotoxicity assessment tools